What to Look for in QR Code for a Restaurant Menu

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

A QR code menu is a digital menu that is easily accessible for your restaurant patrons on their handheld devices by scanning a QR code. Customer should point their camera and scan the code and they are taken to a touchless menu. Thanks to the pandemic and how that affected restaurants, more and more eateries are using QR Code Restaurant Ordering to boost sales while also maintaining all safety standards. 

If you are looking to integrate a QR code for a restaurant menu, here are 9 tips on how to use them and what to look out for while using a QR Menu For Restaurants.

Use of Dynamic QR Codes –

While integrating a QR code in your restaurant’s POS, you must use dynamic QR codes so you can target URL at any time you wish. This is a true lifesaver, especially when you have a printed QR code on a flyer or newspaper and find the need to change the target URL. By using a QR Code, you can easily change the target URL without having to print the code over again. 

Do Scan Tests On As Many Devices As You Can –

Print out the QR code you plan to use and scan it in advance. Do so on as many devices as you can. While doing so check if the code directs you to the right landing page. You may also want to add the protocol http or https as some code readers may fail to recognize your link, otherwise. 

Optimize the QR Code for Smartphones – Yet another important thing to look out for is that the QR codes you use lead to your website that displays well on mobile and handheld devices and that visitors can easily navigate on your website. It is important to remember that nonmobile- friendly websites tend to have a higher bounce rate and can also be punished by Google. 

Watch Size As Well as Positioning –

In order to scan your restaurant menu QR code, it must have a certain minimum size which is 2*2 cm. This size is perfect for flyers, business cards, and even on packaging. 

Give Hints on Using QR Codes–

Though most people today know how to use a QR code, it is helpful to leave a hint on where your users can download a reader software for QR codes. 

Provide Patrons an Alternative URL -

Just in case a user does not have a QR Code reader installed into his mobile phone, print an alternative URL next to the QR Code.

Arouse Curiosity –

It is also a great idea to offer your patrons an incentive when they scan your QR code and also announce where it will lead the user to. 

These are a few things you can look out for while integrating a QR code menu to your restaurant’s POS system. If you are looking for QR code menus, waste no time, contact Smarter Menu at 07902 623 493 for exciting packages.

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