What is a QR Code Ordering System?

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Restaurant owners are forever looking for ways to improve their ordering process so that it is not just about their products but is also customer-friendly. One of the latest innovations in the restaurant online ordering system is the QR code ordering system that is gaining immense popularity. In order to understand how the QR code ordering system works, it is important to understand what a QR code is.

Also known as Quick Response Code, the QR code is a machine-readable pattern that consists of black squares on a white background, arranged in a square grid. This code can be read by any imaging device and can be processed with the help of Reed-Solomon error correction that helps in extracting and displaying stored data in the code.


What is a QR Code Ordering?

QR code ordering is an innovative digital ordering solution that utilizes QR codes to direct patrons to a restaurant’s website to order food. Patrons will need to scan the QR code on your restaurant menu so as to access the website and place orders digitally.


How Do Restaurants Receive the Orders Placed Via QR Code Ordering?

Once you have the QR code ordering solution integrated with your restaurant’s POS system, you will receive all orders that come in through the QR code ordering directly into your POS system which will then fire the orders to your kitchen staff. If you have not integrated the QR code ordering system with your POS, all orders will be sent to an order management device, such as a tablet that your kitchen staff has access to.


If you own a restaurant, you must consider the QR code ordering system. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind while implementing this system.


1) Ordering Flow:

Based on your business concept, it is likely that your ordering flow might differ. For instance, some restaurants may allow patrons to place orders once they are seated while others may have a grab-and-go concept or even standing in a queue to place an order. If you run a takeaway-only establishment, you must encourage your customers to pre-order by scanning your eatery’s QR code. You can advertise your QR code on the doors of your shop, on your website, and even on social media accounts.


2) Delivery:

Many restaurant owners assume that QR codes can be only used for dine-in orders. However, these codes work great for pre-ordering as well as delivery orders. Having these codes printed out and placed around your shop, or on your menu cards and receipts is a great way to introduce your loyal patrons to the concept of ordering via QR codes.


3) Order Securely:

QR codes are a great way to improve the ordering process. However, if you do not have the right safety nets to filter out accidental and ghost orders, the QR code ordering system could create chaos in the kitchen. Ghost orders could also lead to wastage of food. A good way to streamline this issue would be to push orders to the kitchen once the customer has made an online payment.

  QR codes are easy to implement, easy to use, and sure to impress your tech-savvy customers. When implemented properly, this system can streamline food ordering and reduce your overhead costs. To find out more about how the restaurant online ordering system works, contact SmarterMenu today. Call us at 07902 623 493.

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