What Are QR Codes and How Do You Use Them?

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

QR Code for Restaurant Menu

QR codes are not new! The QR code system has been around for a while and has more often than not been written off as an unattractive and clumsy superfluous tool. However, QR codes got the credit they deserve, thanks to the COVID pandemic. Wondering how? The restaurant menu QR code is one of the best ways for restaurants to market themselves as an establishment following safety guidelines. Restaurants across the globe have adopted the QR code ordering system as a touchless solution for ordering food, menu viewing, and even paying the tab. But this only scratches the surface of the many potential uses this system offers.

Since QR codes can link to any URL, they have the capability to connect restaurant owners and managers with their patrons in many ways. As more and more restaurants shift toward online ordering, these codes give the management a way to bridge the gap between traditional marketing techniques and new-age digital marketing.


In this article, we will enlist a few ways on how restaurants can use the QR code ordering system to transform the way they market themselves.


If you are a restaurant owner, you will greatly benefit from using QR codes to up the ante when it comes to marketing your eatery. Your patrons can scan your QR code to go to your mobile menu so they can order food, no matter where they are. This will give them the opportunity to sift through your menu while watching TV, shopping, or even riding the train back home. This is a win-win for you, as you can update your menu at the snap of your fingers without having to send out an order for new prints. Whether you wish to add a new entree or a drink special’s menu, it will take you no longer than a few minutes.


Online reviews help in building credibility and make a restaurant more findable on Google searches. QR codes can be placed on your tables and around the shop for customers to scan and leave your eatery a quick review. You can also link feedback forms via QR codes and encourage your customers to give you feedback that you can implement. In today’s day and time, when online presence can make or break your business, garnering more positive reviews will certainly help boost business.


Social Media:

Yet another way to use QR codes to your benefit is to link them to your Instagram and Facebook page so that you can start building a fan base. Since QR codes are easy to use and do not need a dozen steps, the odds are your customers will gladly look you up and follow you on these social media platforms. This in turn will improve continued customer engagement.


The potential uses of these codes do not stop here. QR code for restaurant menu or a food ordering system is a great way to market your restaurant, launch promotions, improve engagement, and as a result, boost business. Contact SmarterMenu for more details on how you can implement QR codes and how they can benefit your establishment. Contact us today at 07902 623 493.

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