Top Reasons Why QR Code Menu Is Good for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

As the world is finally creeping out of the pandemic, the hospitality industry is looking for new ways to market themselves and get ahead of their competition. The latest innovation in the restaurant industry is the implementation of the good ole’ QR system.

This food ordering system has been around the block but has gained immense popularity in the last year. Scan, select and place order – is the all-new mantra!

So, is the QR code worth all the fuss? Would a restaurant benefit from switching to a digitized menu? The answer is Yes. Hundreds of restaurant owners will vouch that the QR code has changed the way they operate and also helps boost sales. Listed below are a few of the many benefits of opting for a QR code menu for your eatery.

Eliminate Printing –

Looking for a way to keep your restaurant’s menu updated? Thanks to QR codes, you can now update your menu in real-time. Can’t believe it? Yes, it is true! QR codes are simple to use and are easy and sustainable entrances to any restaurant – big or small. By implementing a QR code on your restaurant online ordering system, you will give your guests the freedom to scan the code to view your menu on their handheld device. Added a daily special? Simply update your online menu on the back end, and your guests will see the updated menu on their device. You no longer have to spend money, time and paper to print new menus each time you update your food list. The QR code is an all-in-one solution that will save you time and let you focus on other important matters.

Convenience to Your Guests –

QR codes not only help you as the restaurant owner but are also a welcome change your guests will embrace. Whether your diners are in a rush to leave after their meal or wish to stay for a while, the QR code system helps facilitate an optimized process. With a QR code, your guests can place their order, check-in and even drop checks. This eliminates the need for a huge staff to wait on the guests at all times.

Capture Email Addresses –

If you wish to send out mailers on the offers to your regulars but do not know how to reach them, the QR code system will come to your rescue. With this system, your guests can key in their email addresses that you can use to market new dishes on your menu, a promotion dinner or other exciting programs. Patrons who wish to unsubscribe from the mailer alerts can do so on their handheld devices. The QR code is a great way to market your restaurant and build your business. It is a gentle way to establish trust with your diners and connect with them to make way to repeat business.

You can revolutionize how your restaurant operates by integrating the QR code into your restaurant online ordering system. It is simple to use, straight forward and does not cost a fortune. If these benefits have convinced you to give the QR code a try, waste no time, contact Smartermenu today. Call us at 07902 623 493 for more details on the many packages we offer.

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