Top 5 Benefits of Using QR Code Menus for Restaurants in 2022

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

If you feel that QR code menus are outdated, then you are wrong. QR code menus are the future of cashless food ordering. With so many people adapting to this new payment style, you simply cannot ignore and continue with the old pattern of ordering food. And why should you, when implementing QR codes is only going to benefit your business in the long run? Yes, that’s right! No matter which method of food order you prefer, QR code menu ordering is only going to help your business flourish. Don’t trust us? Then, read the top 5 benefits of using QR Code menus for restaurants below:  

Reduce Labour Costs

You can cut down on the labour cost by introducing a QR code for the restaurant menu. Since QR codes can be easily scanned from personal phones, the need for staff to take the order personally from each table gets reduced. This means you can collect multiple orders with less staff and save on overall costs. Customers can make their order online, pay directly for their bills and save time on collecting cash. Moreover, the restaurants can receive orders from all the tables within minutes and start processing them quickly.

Improve Service & Guest Experience

By introducing the restaurant's online ordering system through QR codes, the guest experience can be improved. According to a study, 73% of diners believed that restaurant technology can improve the overall guest experience. How? Well, there are two ways: 

Reduced Wait Times

Since the customers can place their orders themselves on the online ordering platforms, they do not have to wait for staff to take their orders. Moreover, they can also avoid standing in queues for making the payment. Customers don’t like waiting and expect to get their work done as quickly as possible. QR Code ordering allows for the same. 

Order Autonomy

With QR ordering, customers can make their selection, personalise their order and change their order as per their convenience. It is believed that when clients have full control over the placed orders, they are more likely to be satisfied with their food orders. This also drives them to leave a positive review on your website and put a good rating on social media platforms.

Increased Tips

A common misconception that people have in their mind is that QR code orders will replace the tasks of the staff. This is false. It is only going to reduce the time-consuming tasks for staff members. Also, since servers can cover more tables than staff can, chances of the collection of the tips will be more than usual. QR code ordering yields higher cheque sizes, so you can expect increased tips for servers.

Boost Revenue by 20%

According to a study by Toast, sales can increase up to 12% from online ordering. This is because people tend to spend more time on devices than ordering food from the menu. Also, online food orders have many add-ons that the customers can include in their food order according to their desire. E-commerce suggests that add-ons alone can increase sales up to 31%.

Menu Updating Is Easier

With physical menu cards, you either must scratch names to include new dishes or make another copy of the menu card before circulation. But with QR codes, you won’t have to face much hassle. You can save the printing costs and include new dishes very easily. QR menus have easy edit options, so the next time you wish to include a new dish, you can easily do it through their edit option.

Thus, these are the top 5 benefits of using QR code menus for restaurants in 2022. If you are convinced by the list above and want to set up a QR ordering platform for your business, you can call SmarterMenu at 07902 623 493 and get it done efficiently with their team of experts.

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