SmarterMenu Launches QR Codes That Let You Order Safely From Your Table at a Restaurant

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

For business owners, modern technology has made it easier to run a company. You may use software solutions to automate time-consuming chores so you can focus on more revenue-generating tactics for your business.

With the restaurants starting to take orders after the pandemic, there’s finally some good news for food lovers as well as the owners of those eateries. To add more to the relief, SmarterMenu has come up with a solution to help the restaurants survive the post-pandemic threats. QR code menu for restaurants is the next big thing that your business should adopt today.

What is the Buzz Surrounding QR Codes?

QR codes that consumers can scan to access a menu, place an order, and pay is hardly a new ground-breaking innovation. Other restaurant point-of-sale systems already have it, and many establishments have been giving improvised versions of it for months.

However, it's still a noteworthy feature from one of the most widely used and accessible payment processors. A restaurant may use the functionality to print a QR code and place it on a table. After scanning the QR code, the client would explore the menu, make their order, and pay using their phone. When the meal is ready, the restaurant will know which table made the order and will bring it out to them.


The main advantage of QR codes is their convenience for both you and your clients. The diner will no longer have to wait for the actual menu to arrive at their table. You may also allow them ample time to pick their preferred dish, without pushing them with your staff's presence. This function is especially beneficial in your restaurant during lunch and dinner hours when your workers are busy taking and delivering orders.

Save Time and Money

Another benefit of QR codes is that they can save a lot of your time and money. Your clients may check the menu and immediately confirm and get their orders, which is convenient for individuals who have just gone out of the office for lunch and will be back in an hour or two. QR codes can help you save money on your end. You can update the menu electronically without having to bother about changing the physical version. Hence, you need not spend money every time you wish to make changes to your menu.

Make Your Menu Smart With SmarterMenu

SmarterMenu’s system is easily adaptable, so a coffee shop might display a single QR code in its storefront that customers could scan and then wait for their drink. For eateries looking to reduce personal contact during the epidemic, QR codes have been one of the most popular solutions.

In the past, restaurant owners have complained that they often face difficulties to operate and set up such codes. With SmarterMenu, this is never an issue. Our simple-to-use interface and easily controllable technology make things easier for business owners.

The QR code functionality may be used by any business that has a SmarterMenu point-of-sale system. They'll need to build up an online ordering procedure for consumers to view. With SmarterMenu’s optimal functionality, you never again have to worry about your restaurant’s day-to-day operations. Get your dedicated QR code restaurant menu today. Call us at 07902 623 493.

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