Six Benefits of Using QR Codes in Your Restaurant

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have opted for different measures to ensure the safety of customers. From checking temperatures at the entrances of restaurants to keeping sanitisers on all the tables, the restaurants have ensured safety in every manner possible. Needlessly, introducing the QR-powered digital menus to enable contactless food ordering system has been their best initiative so far. 

The customers can now order their favourite dishes by scanning the menu from the QR code placed on the table-top postcards. They can point the phone scanning screen on the code and get directed to the website that shows the entire food and drink menu of the restaurant. This method is not only quick and efficient but also has other benefits upon use. Curious to know what they are? Read further to know more.

Contactless Menus Are Safer

Previously, traditional menus were provided at each table and handled by multiple customers at the same time. From staff to waiters to customers, almost everybody held the same card at every turn. This was not a safe approach in any way. There were chances of germs getting transmitted from one hand to the other. Therefore, contactless QR code ordering menus are much safer today. One can now order their food without touching a physical menu and promote a safer food ordering without bacterial transmission.

Easy to Update & Change Menus

Updating a dish on the physical menu a hundred times means making multiple copies of the menu every time a change needs to be added. But, with digital menus, this can be reduced. Digital menus allow seamless editing, so next time, if you wish to add a new recipe to your menu, you can easily go to the edit option and make the update. In other words, you can save your expense from occasional menu card printouts.

Better Menu Design & Diner Experience

While making a menu digital, it is important to give priority to the look of the card. Contactless menus are generally made with a menu builder and so, you can select the design that works best according to the theme of the restaurant. Also, you can change the look whenever you please.


Faster Table turnover

Since there is no physical menu card on the table, the staff can focus on other value-added work other than investing time in sanitizing or changing the menu cards. This means less work for the staff and a safer space for the diners.


Reduced Costs

As discussed earlier, digital menus can be edited without any cost, lamination, or printing charges that would have otherwise been required for physical menu cards.

Better Customer Data

Digital menus can function in many more ways than a physical menu card. It can capture the customer’s data, their reviews, their most preferred dish, and the manager can monitor their activity in recent times and analyse how they can make their service better. QR code restaurant menu creates better customer data.

Hopefully, the above guide has helped explain the major advantages of having digital menus in a restaurant, today. If yes, then you can also modernise your restaurant’s online ordering system and get more likes from your customer for hygiene maintenance. Having said that, call Smarter Menu at 07902 623 493 and invite online solutions to food ordering.

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