QR Codes: Will 2022 Be the Year of Contactless Payments?

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

To improve the security measures in restaurants during COVID 19 pandemic, the QR Code payment was introduced. It was established to reduce physical contact and make the process of ordering and paying easier through digital modes. Fast forward to 2022, it is still widely used among restaurants to share valuable information such as music, discounts, and much more. Due to its multi-utility, today it is also found in museums, packaging, billboards, gyms, and cafes. Now the question comes, with such diverse functions, will this QR code ordering system make 2022, the year of contactless payments? Read to find out more. 

Why Were QR Codes Not Popular Pre-Pandemic?

Before 2019, smartphones lacked QR scanning capabilities. Therefore, it was not possible to scan or detect small QR codes from the devices. Also, the security and accessibility issues were still under question back then.

Since online mode was not quite developed and there were potential risks of fraud incidents and phishing scams, people were hesitant to use QR codes. Again, only a few people were familiar with this technology. According to a YouGov survey, 18% of people have never heard of QR codes. 14% of people thought it was difficult to use and 20% of people were 65 years old.

Due to these hurdles, QR code ordering rarely made their existence before the pandemic. But, post-pandemic, people were compelled to learn the mechanism, and eventually, they started using secure QR code platforms to order their food.

How Do QR Code Payments Work?

QR Code payment or Quick Response payment has a two-dimensional code that consists of black bars and squares on a white background. When you scan the code, the scanner decodes this secret data and redirects you to the restaurant’s website where you can make the payment.  

QR-Code – A Modern Means of Payment

While QR codes are gaining popularity in UK, US, and Latin America, China has been using them excessively for years. From high-end stores to street vendors, everybody uses QR codes for making the payment process easier. According to the Mobile Money Program, China’s consumer mobile payment has reached to US $ 41 trillion.


The Popularity of QR Codes in 2022

In 2021, the rate of online payment through QR codes witnessed 63 million scans. This rate is expected to double in 2022. Why? Well, the logic behind this is that, initially, it was just used for contactless meal ordering, but now, it is used to show the vaccination status at various entry points and while travelling. So, more and more customers are adapting to this new technology and making it a part of their lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of using QR codes are potentially going to increase in the years to come, and the chances are that it will replace the existing payment mode with contactless payment. It is expected that QR code menu ordering might increase to 2.2 billion by 2025.

So, if you want to stay updated with the trend and new mode of payment, you can set up contactless ordering for your restaurant with SmarterMenu and increase sales of your restaurant. You can call at 07902 623 493 to set up your QR code ordering platform today.

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