QR Codes in Restaurant: 13 Effective Ways to Engage Your Guests Better

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens
QR Codes in Restaurant: 13 Effective Ways to Engage Your Guests Better

You probably run an eatery that sells the best pizzas ever! Whether you are looking to boost your visibility or want to improve the guest experience, a QR code menu for restaurants can help you do that! Wondering how? As a restaurant owner, you already focus on providing quality food and maintaining restaurant hygiene. But what if we told you that implementing a slight change in the way you operate can increase the footfall at your restaurant? The QR code is a great way to make your restaurant guest friendly. Read on to know more about how you can use QR codes in your restaurant to engage your patrons better.

Ways to Engage Guests in Your Restaurant via QR Codes

  1. Make it easy for your customers – QR codes make life easy. Period. Put up your QR code on the tables, the doors and even walls to beef up the guest experience. With a QR code, your guests can order their food, check-in, finish their meal at their leisure and pay for their meals digitally. Believe it or not, your guests will thank you for it! Even tipping is super easy using the QR code!
  2. Offer rewards and games – Give your guests the option to play fun mobile-based games. This will keep them occupied and engaged while they wait for their meal to be prepped. Guests will have to scan the QR code to access one of the many games you have picked. A great way to engage your customers and ensure repeat visits is to give discounts and rewards if they hit a top score in the game.
  3. Submitting feedback – Feedback helps you improve. With a QR code, your guests can be prompted to leave their honest feedback and reviews about your food and service. Leaving feedback is quick and easy using a QR code. They just have to scan and comment!
  4. Link fun activities in QR code: You can also run contests and ask for quizzes using a QR code. You can set up the code to direct patrons to a lucky draw page too. You will be surprised at how word about your restaurant being a fun place will spread!
  5. Run promotional campaigns: You can also run campaigns using Dynamic QR codes. For example, you could stamp a QR code on the arm of your patrons when they step in through the door. Once scanned, your guests will be able to view a range of varying content which will make their dinner date fun and exciting.
  6. Share coupon codes with a QR code –A great way to improve business is to introduce new dishes and dish out coupon codes. Everyone loves discounts! Your guests can look up the coupon code by scanning the QR code. You can also make the QR code share-able so that your guests can pass the word to other patrons looking to try out something new.
  7. Improve social engagement –If your restaurant has a Facebook page, you can increase your fan following by creating a Social Media QR code that can lead your patrons to your eatery’s page and urge them to like and leave comments on the page. This is a great way to market your eatery online.

There are many other ways to engage your guests using QR codes. For example, you can put funny videos, cooking tips, details on dishes on your menu and so on. With so many restaurants already using the QR code system, do not fall behind. Contact Smartermenu at 07902 623 493 to discuss how you can implement QR code ordering into your restaurant management system.

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