QR Codes Are Here to Stay, So Is the Tracking They Allow

Alex Stevenes
Alex Stevenes

QR codes are cool! The quirky QR codes have finally come to the forefront and have found a niche in eateries and restaurants thanks to the pandemic.

QR code for restaurant menu ordering is best in this pandemic.

Restaurant owners are placing the codes outside the door, on the tables, and the hostess stand, making it easy for guests to scan them with their phones to pull up the menu, order, and even pay for their meal.

There are many benefits to QR codes, but the one that outweighs all is the ease with which it allows patrons to order their food with little to no contact whatsoever!

One of the main benefits of QR codes or a restaurant online ordering system for a restaurant is that it facilitates building a relationship with your customers via social media. Guests who scan and browse your menu can choose to share it with their social media accounts such as Face book and Instagram.

This will in turn build your restaurant’s brand and reach via increased interaction among your patrons. Yet another key benefit of these QR codes is that it allows restaurants to directly market their offerings such as delivery, catering, and takeaways so that guests know what’s on the table.

While all guests may not need the services, you offer they are bound to know someone who does, and the sharing feature makes it easy to send a menu to someone who comes to mind. In this way, not only will you be able to increase your reach but also revenues. Another plus is that QR codes allow you to track analytics.

You can use guest data to know which items on your menu are popular, and which need improvement. Based on the data you collect, you can improvise on your offerings and come up with new marketing strategies.

The trace and track functionality of QR codes are worth raving about. The QR code system allows businesses to integrate more sophisticated tools for targeting, tracking, and analytics. While this has raised red flags for the privacy experts, it certainly has revolutionized the way restaurants operate.

These tiny black and white patterns, give restaurants the ability to track order history and capture the contact information of their guests. By employing QR codes, you can encourage your guests to enter their contact information upon scanning the code and place their orders on the phone. This makes way for a faster check-in and seamless ordering with little to no errors and helps you turn tables quicker.

A simple offline activity of ordering a meal can now be used as a part of an online advertising campaign to boost sales and revenue. With more and more people embracing technology and smart phones, it is needless to say that QR codes are here to stay. Businesses do not want to give up on the many benefits that QR codes have brought to their sales and revenues.

With QR codes, your restaurant can save up to 50% in labour as well. If you have not explored QR codes for your restaurant, it is time you tried it out. Contact Smarter Menu at 7902623493 for more details on how to integrate QR codes into your restaurant’s POS.

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