QR Code Menu 101: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2022

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

With the pandemic still at a loom and a third wave causing fear in the minds of people, restaurant owners have had to innovate and come up with safe dining practices to ensure that diners can enjoy a hearty meal at their eateries. One such innovative way to ensure safe dining in 2022 is to integrate a restaurant menu QR code.

Much like Huns in Mulan, the black and white QR codes are popping up practically everywhere right from product packaging to business cards and even resumes. The potential of these codes is indeed mind-blowing. But what are QR codes, how do they work and how can they help boost your restaurant sales? Read on for more.

2D version of the bar code that helps convey data or information almost instantly with just a quick scan of a mobile or handheld device. The QR code is capable of storing up to 4296 characters or 7089 digits which includes punctuation marks and special characters. The code is designed to equally encode both words as well as phrases including internet addresses. When it comes to designing a static QR code when more data is added the size begins to increase making the code rather complex. And, this is why many businesses choose to opt for dynamic QR codes.

Now, let us Discuss How a QR Code can Help Your Restaurant and You as a Business Owner.

 1. Eliminate Menu Sharing -

The biggest takeaway of QR code menu for restaurants is that it greatly reduce the number of things a host, busser, and customer have to touch at a table. A menu is in most cases passed around a table as people decide what they would like to eat and drink. By displaying your restaurant’s QR code on the table, your customers can simply scan the code and pull it up on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for menu sharing and makes way for a safer and more enjoyable dining experience. 

2. Reduce Staff Contact With Customers –

An extension to the previous takeaway, QR codes eliminate the excessive need for staff contact with customers. People wish to minimize physical interactions with others due to the pandemic. And, you can fulfill their wishes by using QR codes. You can help reduce excessive contact between your staff members and your patrons by using a QR code menu. If feasible you could also implement a collection point system within your restaurant to further minimize contact between your customers. 

3. Speed Up Table Turnover –

Nobody likes to wait forever for their meal. And one of the biggest challenges any restaurant faces is serving as many customers as feasible without making any one of them feel like they are being rushed to leave. By using QR code menus, your customers do not have to wait to get a waiter’s attention. Ordering, asking for refills, and even paying bills become super easy and convenient with the use of QR codes. This in turn speeds up table turnover.

QR codes are revolutionizing the way restaurants operate. If you have not joined the bandwagon as yet, it is time to reap the many benefits of a QR code restaurant menu. Waste no time contact Smarter Menu at 07902 623 493 and we will set your restaurant up for success.

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