Online Food Ordering System: Ultimate Guide For 2021

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

QR Code Menu for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner, you are likely to be always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to boost business and make your restaurant more appealing. While great food will definitely bring in customers, tech-savvy solutions such as the QR code restaurant ordering will also make your restaurant popular and attract more crowds!

QR codes may sound complicated. However, a QR code is as simple as it gets. By implementing these codes, you can present your customers with a PDF digital version of your menu that they can view on their handheld devices. What do you need to do? Simple! All that you need to do is create a PDF version of your restaurant’s menu with a link. You will then need to convert this PDF into a QR code and share it with your guests.


Why Should You Use a QR Code?

There are several advantages of making your restaurant menu digital-friendly. When you use a QR code to make your menu digitally accessible, not only will you save on overheads, you will find your customers thanking you too!

Save on Printing Costs: With QR codes, you can go paperless. No more printing hundreds of paper menus. QR codes need to be printed, however, they will not use as much ink and paper as a traditional 4-page menu would.

Contactless Menu:

Yet another benefit of using QR codes is that your patrons can scan it and view it on their handheld devices. With the coronavirus still at large, it makes sense that customers avoid touching physical menus that are passed on and are likely to spread the virus. A simple way to eliminate physical menus is to print and place QR codes at accessible places such as table tents, walls of your restaurant, windows, etc.

Trendy QR Code Designs:

To many, a QR code is black and white and dull. However, these codes can be customized in different colours, with different frames, and can even feature your logo. You can design your QR code to complement the theme of your restaurant which is sure to appeal to your customers.

Mobile-optimized QR Codes:

If you wish to create a trendy QR code for your restaurant, you will do good in opting for a mobile-optimized QR code that allows you to integrate additional marketing information. This kind of QR code will give you the option to add your restaurant’s name, a headline, and even a snappy description for that extra marketing boost!


If the above-mentioned benefits are not convincing enough, here is one that you are sure to love. The dynamic version of the QR code can be updated as your menu changes. This means you no longer have to redesign or reprint a menu every time you include new dishes on your menu. QR codes are easy to edit and are also trackable, meaning you can customize your menu promotions on the fly!


If you have not tried the QR code ordering, it is time you gave it a shot. Call SmarterMenu at 07902 623 493 to get more details on how you can customize your QR code and make it more profitable for your restaurant.

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