How to Create a Digital Menu QR Code for Your Restaurant

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens


As restaurants across the globe reopen, it falls upon the owners and managers to find ways to limit the spread of the coronavirus through surfaces such as menu cards. Businesses have been innovating and finding new ways to remain open through the pandemic without risking the health of their employees and customers. While wearing masks remains a mandate, the restaurant industry's next new thing is the restaurant online ordering system. It is needless to say that switching to a contactless option such as the QR code menu system is the next normal for restaurants, cafes, bars and other eateries of all sizes and kinds. 


For a restaurant to remain open, it is required for them to follow CDC guidelines. And the CDC explicitly mentions the use of disposable or digital menus in its guidelines. Most restaurants went down this route only to find themselves spending several thousand dollars on disposable menus. Since disposable menus were no longer ideal given the rising costs, the restaurant industry had to innovate and found themselves a viable option – the QR code ordering system. This brings us to the next question, how to create a digital menu QR code for your restaurant?


The answer is simple. While the idea of implementing a QR menu system may sound complicated, it is relatively straightforward. It takes but a few minutes to upload your restaurant's menu, no matter how many pages it may be, into a PDF format and then convert it into a QR code. Your guests can access these codes to pull up a digital version of your physical menu on their mobile phones by scanning the QR code. Using such touchless menus limits the spread of the virus via physical objects that are passed on from one person to another. 


Unlike an app, QR codes are less cumbersome to use. They do not need to be downloaded, nor do they need passwords to view. Simply scanning the code on a smartphone will pull up the entire restaurant menu in a snap. These QR code menus are universal and can be tailored to meet your needs and improve the dining experience. 


Creating a QR Code for a Restaurant Menu Using Smarter Menu is a Simple Process:


Step 1: Log in to the dashboard

Step 2: Select "Restaurant-menu" for QR Code type

Step 3: Upload your restaurant menu in PDF format

Step 4: Customize your QR Code if needed

Step 5: Deploy it in your restaurant


And you are all set! Next, print the QR code menu and paste it by the entrance, tables, and the order counter. You may guide first-time users on how to use the QR code. You will be surprised to see most guests are already familiar with the system! 


While setting up a QR code is relatively easy, you must also consider several other considerations. For instance, when your customer scans the code, your menu must not download on their phone. You may also consider deploying a QR code that speaks multiple languages and has scalability options. When creating a QR code, you can also make it dynamic, which will allow you to change the menu as and when you like and give you the flexibility to add breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even a kid's menu to the same QR code. 


If you are looking to create a dynamic QR code mechanism or add a logo to the QR code, you will do good in hiring a professional to implement the QR code ordering system for you. Contact Smarter Menu at 07902 623 493 to speak to an expert on the many options available to you. 

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