How Going Contactless Can Help Restaurants Protect Customers

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens


Contactless technology is here to stay. The pandemic period changed our lives and the way we do things, be it exercise, travel, and even the way we eat. And, while it is true that the Covid-19 affected all businesses, big and small, the restaurant industry took a big dive and topped the list of most hit sectors. The restaurant industry had to improvise and change the way it operates. Thankfully, most restaurants were quick to adapt and embraced technologies such as the food ordering system, so their patrons could continue to enjoy their services without the apprehensions of falling sick. 


If you own a restaurant or fast-food joint, you will significantly benefit by implementing the restaurant menu QR code. Listed below are a few of the benefits of contactless technology for your eatery. 



    Faster Service

    – As more and more restaurants are opening, it would be a massive loss if you continued to keep your shutters closed. Thankfully, you do not have to wait for the pandemic to die down to open your restaurant to the public. However, once you decide to open again, you will be mandated to operate at a reduced capacity. This translates to fewer tables and fewer staff to cover each shift to maintain social distancing. This is where contactless technology such as QR codes can come in handy. QR codes will speed up not just placing orders but also making payments. Are you wondering how this could help your business? The answer is simple – you will be able to serve your patrons faster and turn over more tables. 



    Healthier Atmosphere

    – Using QR codes to place orders is simpler than you think. You can create a QR menu and have them taped to each table. This will allow your customers to open your restaurant's menu on their phones or handheld devices by just pointing it at the code. This means there will be less contact between your customers and servers, and hence the risk of spreading infections can be significantly reduced. Using QR codes and technologies such as Apple and Google Pay, you can eliminate the use of high-touch points such as receipts, menus, and dollar bills. This will allow you to follow social distancing and other health measures and pave the way for a healthy atmosphere in your restaurant. 



    Better Hospitality

    – Aside from allowing your patrons to use QR codes to pick their meals out and pay bills with ease, which in itself is better hospitality during these unprecedented times, using QR codes will ensure there is less contact between customers and workers. This will make any interaction between them pleasant, beneficial, and purposeful. This will also allow your diners to enjoy their meal without any interruption and for your employees to be productive in other tasks assigned to them. 


If you own a restaurant and are concerned about operating during these unprecedented times, you will do good in opting for the QR code system. You will be surprised at how handy these are and how much your patrons will appreciate your initiative. Contact Smarter Menu at 07902 623 493 for more details on how you can set up a QR code for the restaurant menu.

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