Choosing the Best Restaurant Online Ordering System (2022)

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Since the online food ordering system came into existence, it has continued to grow and has served many customers worldwide. It became even more eminent and recognized during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because online ordering was the only way for the restaurants to generate revenue for their operations during those hard times. The QR code menu for restaurants is perfect.


It was only through online deliveries that the sales kept flowing in even when the dining options were prohibited. Surprisingly, during that time, online food orders increased up to 286% worldwide. 


With such an increase in the number of orders, today, it has become a necessity for the survival of restaurants. Thus, many restaurants have come up with online ordering systems to stay competitive in the market. Having said that, here is a list of the twelve best restaurant online ordering systems that have additional features to help your business grow.


Lunchbox focuses on improving order rate and revenue. It offers features such as web ordering, app ordering, and kiosks to create an incredible digital ordering experience. 


Toast POS

Apart from online ordering and mobile app ordering, Toast POS also offers tools such as takeout and e-gift card purchasing. The app can be accessed from any location and is quite convenient to use.


Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale is a free-to-use application that records customer preferences and feedback to improve their services. They track real-time data to improve their marketing campaigns.



Providing the facility of online ordering via website or restaurant’s app, ChowNow allows their customers to place orders for contactless dine-in, in-store pickup, and curb side delivery. It also allows its customers to place orders via social media sites such as Google or Instagram.  



MenuDrive provides various online marketing solutions for caterers and restaurants. It uses SEO tactics to drive more traffic and attract new customers. With its analytics, it only shares frequently ordered items with best-selling prices.


Upserve has a cloud-based POS system that is designed for restaurateurs. The company builds personalized web pages to highlight the restaurant’s key features and has an online menu for seamless ordering.



Restolabs lets restaurants develop their ordering site and customize it according to their preference. It has several key features such as an intuitive interface, POS integration, multilingual customer support, and Facebook ordering. 



CAKE provides an intuitive POS system that can show guest profiles and table status updates. Besides, it can also track sales reports, real-time sales, and employee hours.



iMenu360’s POS is capable of collecting individual data and can create a loyalty program for the customers. 



GloriaFood allows unlimited orders at zero cost. Additionally, it also offers online table reservations and branding. It works with 20,000 restaurants worldwide. supports all businesses and provides features such as WhatsApp ordering integration, POS interface, AI order assignment, and real-time order tracking.



eDelivery provides a platform for liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores as well as food service operators. It also offers free customization of screen templates and designs. The QR code for the restaurant menu these days are accepted everywhere.


Providing all these features, the online ordering system has paved its way brilliantly into a restaurant’s new source of income. By equipping with the right system, you too can make your restaurant stay ahead in the competition. Having said that, you can collaborate with SmarterMenu to boost your restaurant sales and also for the best restaurant online ordering system. Call us at 07902 623 493 to get innovative ideas for your business growth.

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