All of a Sudden QR Codes Are Everywhere

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Over a decade of dismissal and mockery, those little black and white square patterns are finally rocking the floor. During the pandemic, these codes came to the rescue of several hundred restaurants and kept them from pulling down the shutters. When nobody wanted to touch anything, restaurant owners scrambled for ideas and turned to the QR codes that quickly replaced paper menus. In fact, CVS, PayPal, and Venmo have rolled out a touchless payment option for businesses that are powered by QR codes for food ordering system online. Fuelled by the innate desire for touch less transactions, the QR codes have popped up everywhere! And, businesses do not want to give them up!

Walk into a hip restaurant, and you will no longer be greeted by a hostess with a menu. Instead, you will be ushered into your booth, where a black and white pixelated pattern awaits to welcome you. Scan this code, and up pops the menu on your smart phone. How cool is that! QR codes allow you to place your order on the phone and enjoy your meal without having to interact with the restaurant staff with the help of restaurant online ordering system here. And, if that is not enough. You can even pay for your meal without having someone walk up to your table. A scene like this was a rarity 18 months ago, but today QR codes are no longer a stranger to American shoppers. More and more restaurant and mall-goers prefer the QR code over the traditional way of ordering a meal. Yes, it is simple, easy, quick, and convenient.!

The customers love it, but what is in it for you, as a restaurant owner? Well, the benefits of the QR code for restaurant menus are aplenty. QR codes are easy to integrate into your existing POS and can be customized to your liking. A QR menu will give your customers the option to not just pull up the menu and order their food, but also to like their favourite dishes, leave reviews, and even share the menu with family and friends. A digital menu is also easier to customize and can feature images to help your guests see what they are ordering. Be sure to add pictures of the dishes on your menu, so your patrons can see real-life examples of what they will be ordering. Most QR code menus or QR code ordering also allow the option of adding a description under the picture much like a traditional menu. With a QR code menu, you can make changes real- time, update new offers, and discounts, and even change your menu every day, remove out–of- stock items or add specials, without having to print out paper menus each time.

Using a contactless menu also reduces errors due to miscommunication which is quite common in the restaurant scene. With the QR code ordering system, the entire food ordering system is streamlined with the risk of errors drastically reducing. QR menus also have multilingual capabilities which make it a welcome addition if your eatery is in a popular tourist destination.

QR codes are here to stay and if you have not hopped on to the bandwagon as yet, it is time to do so! Contact SmarterMenu to discuss how you can integrate QR codes to boost your restaurant’s reach and sales! Call us today at 7902623493.