QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants
QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants

Online QR Menus with
contactless ordering

Online menus that allow you to take contactless orders and payments. A breeze to set up, we do the hard work for you with food ordering system.

QR Code Online Menu for restaurants

Increase revenue
with a QR code ordering platform.

By removing hurdles from your ordering and payments process, you can capture sales that might have otherwise walked away with restaurant menu QR code.

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Sales Boost



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Your own dashboard with
Beautiful analytics.

When you log in to our beautiful dashboard area, you'll have access to sales tracking tools that will show just how many sales our QR code restaurant menu helping you make.

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QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants
QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants
QR Code Online Menu for restaurants

We're here to Support you.

You'll have access to a knowledge base, FAQs and Live Chat support. Pay nothing until your restaurant reopens. Receive your QR table stickers completely free with QR code for restaurant menu.

Live Orders streamed to a dashboard, Whatsapp or Thermal Printer.

Once a customer makes an order from their phone, you can take payment online or in store. Their order will automatically arrive on your dashboard. We support 96 different Thermal Printers which you can have automatic prints from, or have your orders sent to a Whatsapp number. Restaurant online ordering system is awesome.

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QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants
QR Code Online Menu for restaurants QR Code Online Menu for restaurants
QR Code Online Menu for restaurants

QR Code Restaurant Menu Online Food Ordering System.

Are you looking for ways to boost restaurant sales? What you need is a lightning speed QR system! The single and possibly most reused item in your restaurant is your menu. And, as much as you may try, it is simply impossible to sanitize it after every use. With the growing anxiety surrounding Covid 19, it is likely that you may have lost some business. Fret not, for we have just the solution to boost your sales overnight. Wondering how? The solution is simple and inexpensive – a QR code restaurant menu online ordering system.

If you have not hopped on the bandwagon of QR codes, it is high time you did. Given the current market scenario, the online QR code for the restaurant menu is an innovative way to save money while also improving sales.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use. QR code restaurant ordering is comprehensive.

£ 45 /mo

approx £1.50 per day

Unlimited Items, Extras, Variants

Unlimited QR Scans

Unlimited Tables & Areas

Online payments powered by Stripe

Access to Support

Table stickers inlcluded

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Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update the system for you completely online with QR code ordering. You won't even notice most of the updates we make and you don't need to do anything.


Do you charge a fee on orders?

Absolutely not. You pay a fixed price subscription. We'll never take a penny more with QR menu for restaurants.


Do my customers need an mobile app?

No. Everything is hosted on a website for you. Your QR code stickers will direct your customers straight to the website where they can order. QR code ordering system is reliable.


Can I cancel my subscription?

No problem. We're so confident that you'll love SmarterMenu for your contactless ordering system or QR code menu ordering that there is no long term commitment or cancellation fees.

Contactless Menu

QR codes are a safe and quick way to place orders with the least amount of social interaction. The guest simply scans a QR code on their handheld device and places the order without downloading any app.

Step 1: Guest scans QR code placed in strategic points in your restaurant using their mobile.
Step 2: Guest browses through the menu – no need to download any app.
Step 3: Guest adds items to cart and pays for the order.
Step 4: Staff receives the order and processes it.

Features and Benefits of Smarter Menu QR Ordering

• Eliminates the need for printed paper menus
• Highly effective as QR menu can showcase not just images but also videos to upsell your offerings
• Improved efficiency as orders can be repeated with minimum staff and customer interaction
• Simple and easy to use interface similar to food delivery apps
• Ability to make payments and give tips by using the QR code

Multiple languages

Using SmarterMenu, you can customize your front-end guest menu as well as staff facing interface with ease. These menus can be in any language, be it Arabic, Czech, English, German or even Italian. You choose the language, and we will design your menu just the way you like it.

Social Login

Smarter Menu makes it possible to enable Social Logins. Your guests will be able to log in to your restaurant’s web page using their Facebook ID, Google ID, or even their mobile number.

Attractive dashboard

Smarter Menu allows you to customize your dashboard just the way you like it. Thanks to the new inbuilt analytics, you can get real-time data such as whether your guest is a first time customer or a repeat customer. This will enable you to build a better strategy for marketing yourself and improving your offerings.


We understand that customer engagement is paramount in any business, especially in the food industry. We can help you build an email marketing strategy using QR codes so your customers do not forget you even after they have left the restaurant. Using the QR code food ordering system, you can send them adverts on deals, discounts and so on from time to time.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking to integrate a restaurant online ordering system, look no further than Smarter Menu. Call us today to get more details on how you can introduce a QR code for your restaurant menu to boost your business’ sales.